Best. Service. Ever. Faster resolutions with agent collaboration.

Now it’s easier than ever to get the right agents working to resolve issues, fast. Let agents collaborate on sessions or hand them off with ease.

Don’t make customers wait while agents ask for assistance or hunt down answers

Gone are the days of endless hold times for the customer, while agents reach out for help. There’s an easier way to get customer issues resolved quickly.

  • Session Transfer lets you seamlessly hand a remote session over to another active agent.
  • Multi Agent Collaboration lets multiple agents simultaneously view and control the customer screen, retrieve diagnostic information, and chat with each other and the customer during support sessions.

What can you do with agent collaboration?

Solve problems faster. Help more customers. Maximize productivity. Keep troubleshooting in one tool and in one session – from beginning to end.

Collaborate with other agents and resolve issues together. By clicking the invite button, you can add other agents to your session easily so you can get to work resolving issues together.
Multiple agents can join sessions simultaneously to assist in troubleshooting or train other agents, in real-time. When working together, all agents can view the customer’s screen and chat with each other and with the customer.
GoTo Resolve uses a zero trust security architecture to keep all devices safe. A signature key is required before each unattended remote access session to ensure endpoints stay protected.

GoTo Resolve is more than just agent collaboration

  • Background Access

    Get more done without disrupting work. Fix problems or execute maintenance tasks, without interrupting the current user’s workflow.
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  • Unattended access

    Work on any machine, even without the end user present. Remote unattended access helps keep everyone up and running.
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  • Mobile device support

    Provide fast, frictionless remote technical support for virtually any mobile device running iOS, Android, or Chrome OS.
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See what customers love about GoTo Resolve

GoTo Resolve at-a-glance

Simplify problem-solving for both IT and employees. Receive requests, triage problems, and fix issues fast.

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  • Streamline support and respond, act, and resolve issues – all in one place.

    Streamline support

    Respond, act, and resolve issues – all in one place. Now getting help is as easy as having a conversation.
  • Maximize productivity with time-optimizing features like unattended access.

    Maximize productivity

    Time-optimizing features like unattended access and multi-session handling let agents and employees get more done.
  • Make secure IT simple and keep systems safe while business stays up and running.

    Make secure IT simple

    With enterprise-grade security and consumer-grade ease of use, systems stay safe while business stays up and running.

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Earn customer trust with service that solves their issue, start to finish.