Keep devices up to date and protected with patch management software

Stay ahead of potential issues with simplified, automated patch management – now part of GoTo Resolve’s RMM software.

Patch management doesn’t have to be complicated.

Take the work out of tracking, testing and installing patches with GoTo Resolve’s streamlined management console. With unmatched visibility into endpoints and powerful automation, IT teams and managed service providers (MSPs) can ensure every user is equally protected from potential issues and cyber threats.

Man on laptop using GoTo Resolve’s Patch Management features to customize company machines.

What can you do with patch management?

Keep end users up to date. Fix vulnerabilities faster. Maximize productivity.

Take some of the time out of keeping devices updated by deploying patches on groups of devices. Tailor roll outs by choosing which Windows updates to run on one or multiple devices to stay secure and productive.

GoTo Resolve’s Schedule this update feature running a Windows update by batch.

Keep end-user’s devices up to date, without slowing them down. With GoTo Resolve's patching capabilities, you can easily review and deploy critical updates in the background while users work, or schedule automatic updates for times when users are more likely to be inactive.

GoTo Resolve’s create ticket feature with a note to deploy a patch to a device remotely.

Get the full picture. Access invaluable insights into patches run in the past, patches currently running, or even isolate activity across a specific timeframe for a fleet of devices.

GoTo Resolve’s IT alerting feature with notification of available alerts by Windows or macOS.

GoTo Resolve is more than just patch management software

Advanced features and capabilities make more possible for remote and in-house teams.

  • Background Access

    Get more done without disrupting work. Fix problems or execute maintenance tasks, without interrupting the current user’s workflow.
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  • Zero Trust Security Architecture

    Go beyond the basic requirements with technology built with a security-first mindset and zero trust architecture that locks out malicious actors.
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  • IT Alerting

    Stay informed of potential IT management issues to keep systems up and running and identify trends before they become bigger problems.
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Frequently asked questions

Patch management the process of tracking, testing and installing available patches (code changes) for existing applications and software tools on a group of devices. Patch management software can allow for scheduling of automatic installation of patches, or alert users of necessary updates.

RMM software with patch management tools allows IT teams and managed service providers (MSPs) to systematically keep a fleet of devices updated and protected against threats. Without patch management, patching may not be regularly accomplished, allowing systems and applications to become cyber security risks.

GoTo Resolve provides an all-in-one RMM solution for patch management & more. From a single pane of glass, IT leaders can use a simple, secure and time efficient tool to manage software updates across their fleet of devices. With Resolve, SMBs and managed service providers (MSPs) can minimize disruptions to end-users by remotely configuring and executing updates, identifying testing, and installing patches, setting automatic patching policies, and accessing past and present information on devices. All in all, safeguarding smooth day-to-day operations.

Patch management software presents a cost-effective, all-in-one solution for SMBs to keep fleets of devices using Microsoft OS protected and running smoothly. Learn more about GoTo Resolve's Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) software here.

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GoTo Resolve at-a-glance

Simplify problem-solving for both IT and employees. Receive requests, triage problems, and fix issues fast.

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  • Streamline support and respond, act, and resolve issues – all in one place.

    Streamline support

    Respond, act, and resolve issues – all in one place. Now getting help is as easy as having a conversation.
  • Maximize productivity with time-optimizing features like unattended access.

    Maximize productivity

    Time-optimizing features like unattended access and multi-session handling let agents and employees get more done.
  • Make secure I-T simple and keep systems safe while business stays up and running.

    Make secure IT simple

    With enterprise-grade security and consumer-grade ease of use, systems stay safe while business stays up and running.

Start using patch management with your free trial of GoTo Resolve.

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