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Leverage the power of AI to increase your IT efficiency and improve your customer experience. Built into GoTo Resolve, with even more features coming soon.

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Let’s face it, SMB IT teams have a lot on their plates – from managing software installations, account provisioning, and patch updates to delivering more advanced IT initiatives. Meanwhile, Agents’ to-do lists remain both massive and mission-critical to your business’ success. That’s where AI-powered IT management and support with GoTo Resolve can help.
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Reimagine IT with native AI assistance and automation

So you can spend more time maintaining IT infrastructure, strategizing security, and enhancing customer experiences and less time running routine jobs.

Your AI-Powered Interactive Assistant.

Save time and achieve better results by infusing AI into your daily workflows.

  • Device health checks: stay informed with real-time system diagnostics, both within and outside of support sessions, including resource utilization and update status.
  • Guided patch management: identifies when patches are required, affected devices are automatically selected for you, making it as easy as pressing “run”.
  • Live screen interpreter: decode end-user screens in remote support sessions, such as translating foreign languages, analyzing graphs to spot issues, unfamiliar error codes, and more.
  • Automated note taking and summaries: get instant session summaries and notes following remote support sessions.
  • Knowledge Base Integration: access knowledge base resources and receive smart tips and recommendations.
AI chatbot assisting a user with a screenshot translation.

A smarter way to manage your IT

  • Save time

    Offload manual tasks and enhance the Agent and end user experience with time-saving tools like scheduled automations, pre-written scripts, resolution recommendations, and mass deployments.
  • Focus on what matters

    When faced with bandwidth or retention challenges, process efficiencies count. So you can spend more time getting ahead of security threats, enhancing customer experiences, and scaling your business.
  • Get better resolutions

    With features like on-screen remote session support, automated session summaries, anomaly detection, and real-time diagnostics, IT teams can keep a pulse on their fleet without disrupting end users.

Plus, get even more with GoTo Resolve

Experience the power of tightly integrated ticketing, asset management, remote access, and more – all from a single platform, at no extra cost.

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  • Remote Access

    Connect to your remote devices as if they were right in front of you – on or off your network, from any location.
  • Helpdesk

    Modernize your IT help desk by bringing the support request process onto the messaging platforms you’re already using, like MS Teams and more.
  • Asset Management

    Efficiently manage and optimize assets by tracking, securing, and exporting mission-critical device data.

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